Discussing Audism in Art

- English Statement below - 

Filmed and shared by Patti Durr at Deaf Culture Centre's "Deaf Women Artists" Grand Opening (2004)

Artist Statement: “As seen in the background of the right half, a home and clouds in worn-out natural colors shows a built community. Another half on the left side is more squared and structured in bold colours.

The vertical line in the center separates two worlds, and the horizontal line from the left dissolved into the right shows the effect between the two even if the worlds are separate.

One person on the left is an audist with ears shown, and s/he looks scornfully towards the right side but not directly as s/he is aware of the community but does not want to know. The position of the body is above the others which shows the position of power. Even if the ratio of one pro-audism to six anti-audism, the oral tradition values and views hold a strong influence over the society.

In the right side, the community is worried, and they show various kinds of emotions while the one’s lack of emotion in between stands neutral. The body positions of persons show their variety of status within the community.

For example, one on the very right shows a strong person who seems ready to combat the audist. See also another person at the bottom who has a positive awakening expression when a hand is being revealed. On the bottom left side, we could see faces in robot-like motifs under the ground.

Most of the faces are reversed showing the disruption to our well-being and the full acceptance of the truth. The faces seem doll-like, representing a lost childhood.

An audist at the top does not touch the ground, and is not in touch with the emotions underneath.

Again, the position between one person at the top and many at the bottom is the power and the dominance.”

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