BRAVO! Subtitled in English.

Experimental, 2013. Duration 12 minutes. Subtitled in English.

Award Best Experimental Film 2015 - Toronto International Deaf Film & Arts Festival


B-R-A-V-O! Power. Energy. Memory.

From the very beginning, the People of Eyes is a huge natural and technological machine that runs at a full charge.

To feel inspired is easy, it is also easy to forget; the sweat and the toil that the Quebec Deaf community has invested into the advancement of our rights, culture and sign language are at risk of colonialized vulnerability unless our memories are revisited, and with care.

The tree, a diagram nourished by the seeds of our sweat and toil, recharged by the revitalizing electrical current! By facing our own memories, B-R-A-V-O! brings us a moving visual synchronization that boosts a feeling of empowerment and celebration. Electrical vibes of gratitude to our past and present generations spread through the air and all around us.


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